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Books by Dr Jagdish Gandhi


Dr Jagdish Gandhi is the author of twenty four books and his articles on spiritual education have been regularly featured in the prominent - weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines and daily News Papers.

1) Education for Protection and Security: This book describes the multifarious efforts of CMS is exerting every effort to ensure the Protection and Security of the world's two billion children and generations yet-to-be-born, whose future has become progressively more unprotected and insecure during the past nearly seven decades, since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the recent spread of international terrorism, climate change, stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction, fear of 3rd world war and Nuclear holocaust.
2) Broader, Bolder Education for 21st Century: An Education Capable of Saving Humanity. Worldwide, education has been largely confined to its 19th century material ethics and goals. Not much has changed either since Lord Macaulay first wrote the Minute on Indian Education in 1835 in which education of the three R’s reigned supreme. Contemporary education today is inadequate to meet the needs and aspirations of the individual child and society in the 21st Century and the book makes the case for a broader school curriculum that encompasses material, human and spiritual education.
3) The Unison of Human Soul with the Soul of God (Atma ka Paramatma se Milan): The book highlights various stages of spiritual development on the pathway of human journey. It elaborates that the true purpose of our lives is to know God and to worship Him.
4) Earth is One Family (Vasudha ek Kutumbh): This book is based on the ancient Indian philosophy of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam and the vision of Baha’u’llah that ‘The Earth is but One Country’. The book has several articles based on the speeches of Dr Gandhi which narrate that we are all the creation of One God and that the Earth is our united home. The book is in Hindi language.
5) Meditation (Chintan): The book revolves around the philosophy that meditation is an important way to happiness.
6)  Education: Greatest Service (Siksha Parmo Dharma): This book highlights the fact that "Amongst the greatest of all the great services that can be possibly rendered to mankind is the education of Children". It emphasizes that the first religion of mankind should be Education. This book emphasises the importance of education and of the school as the 'Light House of Society'
7) Solution (Samadhan): The book revolves around the idea of how the solutions to life's problems lie in discovering and then obeying the laws of God.
8) Whole world is our family (Vishva Parivar Hamara Hai): The book revolves around the philosophy of "The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens". It highlights the ill's that prevail on the planet due to diversity and division of mankind in the name of faith.
9)   Way to Salvation (Mukti Ka Ek Hi Marg): This book explores the idea that a virtuous and spiritual life is essential to success and salvation.
10)  Aim of Education (Shiksha Ka Uddeshya): This book makes the case that Meaningful Education must address all the three realities i.e. Material, Human and Divine.
11)  The Purpose of Life (Jeene ki Raah): The true purpose of life is to know God and love Him. This book inspires the readers to live a spiritual life.
12)  The Lamp of Devotion (Prabhu Bhakti Ka Deep): This book examines the idea that it is by keeping faith in God that one can truly live a purpose-driven life.
13)  If Not Now, then Never (Abhi Nahi Toh Kabhi Nahi): This book exhorts that the time for World Unity has now arrived and that we must act before it is too late.
14)  Faith in God (Ek Tera Sahara): A call to faith, this volume argues that the source of courage and power is God and it is only when we turn towards him that our true progress starts
15)  Turning Towards God (Dheere Dheere Modh Tu Is Mann Ko): It is during our adversities that we remember God. The author in this book has laid the importance of problems that come in our life and how we can resolve conflicts spiritually.
16)  Devotion (Bhakti): This is a parenting guide that encourages father and mother to unite, stay lovingly and give values to children.
17)  God (Eshwar): This volume explores the tension between our own will and the will of God. It argues that we can act either by our own will or God's will. Once we start acting as per God's will amazing thing happen in our life.

18) Real Property of Man (Manusya ki Asli Sampatti)
19) We and our Children (Hum aur Hamarey Bachhey)
20) Family (Parivar)
21) Education (Shiksha)
22) Consciousness (Chetana)
23) Flowers for Prayer (Pooja ke Phool)
24) Dedication (Samarpan)